Truck Repair and service workshop software

Manage your truck repair and service workshop through a dedicated application for customers to book appointments and a portal for management to manage all the bookings and inventory.

truck repair and service workshop software

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Why Lastinglabs is the preferred Choice for truck repair & service workshop

Portal for dealers

Manage appointments, bookings, inventory, and service status.

Increase Efficiency

With Lasting's Truck & Trailer Repair Workshop software increase your efficiency and earnings.


Mobile app for customers

Build responsive and user friendly application for your customers to book appointments and choose service

Trailer & Truck Service Workshop Software at a glance

Manage Truck repair & service workshop with lastinglabs

  • Reduce the time taken by manually managing and processing inquiries. Now manage multiple inquiries at once with the help of technology.
  • Easily update the service status, reserve inventory, process payments, and initiate refunds. The entire process can be handled from a single software.
  • Reduce the turnaround time for an inquiry and increase the efficiency of the business
  • Customer and service management becomes easy. Upload and manage both inquiry and service information
  • Give customers a smooth experience with a robust, interactive and user friendly mobile application 

All in one truck repair & Service software

Helping Businesses in USA, Canada, New Zealand and Rest of the World.

Packaging and Labeling

Save time and money

  • Packaging and labelling is another time-consuming factor in F&B  ERP.
  • Enhance employees productivity by automating the food labelling process
  • Generate labels quickly and accurately as the central database gets refreshed quickly
Keep the money coming in with LastingERP. Send estimates, convert to GST invoices, and get paid online, on time.
  1. Create retail invoices in seconds
  2. Chase payments easily with payment reminders
  3. Give your customers online payment options and get paid faster
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