Asset Tracking System for logistics management

Leverage The Power Of GPS Asset Tracking System using Assets Map, A Durable Platform That Helps in trailer tracking and fleet vehicle tracking. Manage Assets In Real-Time with lasting Asset tracking software.
asset tracking system for logistics management

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Why Lastinglabs is the preferred Asset Tracking Software for logistics business

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24x7 Asset Tracking

Track, Monitor, And Analyze Your Vehicles In Real-Time.

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On-Time Deliveries

Reduce Errors And Ensure Timely Deliveries.

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Better Fleet Management

Manage Your Fleet More Efficiently And Effectively.

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Access Real-Time information

  • Access real-time information with Lasting’s Fleet GPS Tracking System. Further, prevent misuse of vehicles, thefts, and unnecessary delays
  • Reduce costs and unnecessary errors by bringing your dispatch and GPS data into a single console 
  • Display and analyze asset movement history. Detect stops and view history by specific dates and by date ranges
  • Calculate distances and manage routes directly on the map. Filter assets by cargo status, asset type, and order information
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save time and money

Save time and money

  • Increase margins of your business
  • Save time and use resources more efficiently
  • Reduce delays in delivery
  • Increase productivity and grow your business

How GPS Asset Tracking Is Transforming Logistics & Supply Chain

One of the most significant benefits of real-time asset tracking in the supply chain is saving time through optimum utilization of resources. Having a clear image of where the trucks/assets are at any given moment allows the staff to function better and provide more value. Also, the traditional asset tracking techniques like barcode scanners are being replaced by internet-backed real-time asset tracking systems. Retail, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, automobile, and other industries in the USA and all over the world are relying on real-time asset tracking data to deliver goods faster. 

Another issue faced by logistics companies is theft and unauthorized use of company vehicles. In 2020, the United States of America witnessed cargo thefts worth more than 3.96 million dollars. With asset tracking systems, the logistics industry can bring down thefts and other unethical practices.

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Helping Businesses in USA, Canada, New Zealand & Rest of the World.

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