Waiting Time Invoicing for Logistics

Reduce the expenses and time by streamlining the waiting time of the trucks. Make more money and save time for the driver and truck. Keep a note of every second being spent and get reports with Lasting’s waiting time invoicing.

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Increase Operational Efficiency

Save time and cost by reducing the time taken to complete operational activities

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Geofence for waiting time invoicing

Mark virtual fence to monitor the entry and exit of cargo

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Streamline Loading/Unloading Process

Enhance the efficiency of loading/unloading process at the warehouse

Reduce Waiting Times During Loading & Unloading Trucks

Waiting times in the trucking industry refers to the idle time spent by the driver during loading & unloading of goods. This waiting time occurs due to improper planning at the client’s end. Sometimes the goods are not organized for quick loading/unloading at the warehouse. This takes up time and the driver has to sit idle. It is important to quantify waiting times in the trucking industry because it leads to more hours for the driver in the warehouse and less hours on road.

America’s trucking industry is the lifeline of USA’s economy and has a market cap of more than 700 billion dollars. Lastinglab’s has come up with an effective solution to reduce the waiting times. Now start measuring waiting times with help of geofence and charge your client’s for the unnecessary wait at the warehouse. Increase work efficiency, save time, increase revenue, and improve asset utilization.

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Waiting Time Invoicing At a Glance

Real-Time Information to grow your business

  • Notify the concerned party when your freight exceeds the stipulated time period in their warehouse or yard 
  • Increase your business revenue with Lasting’s waiting time invoicing. Generate invoices based on the waiting time of your vehicles
  • Access real-time information with Lasting’s software and prevent misuse, theft, and route deviation of your fleet
  • Use geofencing and waiting time invoicing to optimize the truck loading and unloading process to save time and reduce expenses
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save time and money

Save Time And Money

  • Increase margins of your business and ultimately increase revenue
  • Use time and resources more efficiently 
  • Prevent delays in delivery of cargo
  • Increase productivity and grow your business


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