Unleash your creativity with tile designing Software

Tile Designing Software is a powerful and easy to use online interior design tool that can be integrated in your website.

Tile Designing Software engages your customers in the exploration of your products, letting them build custom 3D rooms and design with items straight from your customized product library.

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Immediately start creating custom 3D spaces without any training.

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Modules of Lasting's Tile Designing Software

Visualise the Floorplan

Easily Adjust the Floorplan

When a user gets started with a new project, the first thing they probably want to do is set the floorplan dimensions to create an accurate representation of the room they want to visualize.  

When they click on any wall  they’re given three options: 1) Split wall, 2) Add inner wall, 3) Add masonry object. With these three simple options, users can recreate a wide array of floorplans in just a few minutes. To change the length of a wall, a user simply drags the position of the wall with the mouse or clicks on its dimension and enters an exact measurement. By clicking any corner (green dot on the floorplan), users can drag it right, left, up, or down, which will make changes to the wall.  To get rid of a wall (or a section of a wall), they drag one green dot into another and it will disappear.  These quick commands let users quickly build the floorplan that they need to represent in their project.  And with the click of a button, they can see what their room will look like in 3D, as well. 

New Product Development

Develop new products easily

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Tile Designing Software

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