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    For Managing Truck Maintenance

    With Lasting Solutions, you have a virtual Truck Zone where you can track and schedule truck service intervals for all of your equipment. You can set this feature up to send you reminders when your trucks or trailers need service.
    You can also mark trucks as inactive while they are in the shop for service so that there is no confusion during dispatching.

    Manage Equipment (Truck/Trailer) Usage
    Driver Preferences/Truck Preferences
    Manage Truck Maintenance Schedules

    Improve Productivity and Efficiency

    With lasting software

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    Improve data collection with features such as geo location tracking, image/video capture, barcode/QR code scanning and digital customer signatures.

    Service request can be initiated for an AMC customer or Non Contract customer. Service request can be assigned to technicians based on the service category.

    Contract for the service contractors are managed through a very simple user experience and verification workflow process.

    Monitor SLA compliance automatic escalations (unlimited levels) in case of SLA violations of pre-defined time intervals.

    Track Any Type of Asset!

    Manage maintenance on any type of asset in any industry and extend the useful life of your assets using these core features:

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