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Stay Ahead Of Competition With Lasting's Logistics Software For Trucking Companies

Unlock the true potential of your fleet of trucks. Combined with Lasting’s Logistics Software, reduce the inefficiencies of your truck fleet. Manage your fleet with the most advance and best logistics software and stay ahead of your competition in the trucking industry.

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Increase Margins And Business Revenue

Increase your margins and cashflow with help of the fleet management software. Stay ahead of the competition.

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Increase Operating Efficiency

Increase your fleet’s operating efficiency. Logistics software for trucking ensure that you get more done with limited resources.

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Automate Processes And Reduce Workload

By implementing the logistics software, the need of manual workflow will reduce drastically by automating processes.

  • 1500+ Satisfied Customers
  • 35+ Industries Served
  • 2 years Average Customer Retention
  • Market Leaders in Creating Logistics Software for Trucking
  • 35% YOY Profit
  • 24 x7 Round the Clock Customer Service
Our Logistics Optimization Solutions At A Glance
Feel Free To Browse Through Our Logistics Software
GPS Asset Tracking
Waiting Time Invoicing
Reefer Truck Solution

Let our business experts guide you through the screening process.

Track Your Vehicle 24 X7 With Our Fleet Management Solutions
gps asset tracking system

GPS Asset Tracking - Logistics Software For Trucking

Track your vehicles and assets with live tracking. Get real time information of all the company assets with the GPS tracking logistics software.

  • Get Real-Time Coordinates of Assets and Vehicles
  • Select Vehicles Through Multiple Filter Options
  • Customizable API for Easy Integration With 3RD Party GPS Hardware
  • Reduce the risk of thefts or mismanagement of company assets. Keep track of the routes being followed and ensure on-time deliveries..

    Achieve Logistics Cost Optimization With Cutting Edge Technology

    Waiting Time Invoicing - Logistics Optimization Software

    Are you also fed up of the unnecessary waiting times during the process of truck loading and unloading? Truck drivers have to wait for many hours at the client’s warehouse during the loading and unloading of goods. This leads to the driver spending more time in the warehouse than required. What if you could optimize the truck loading and unloading & attain logistics cost optimization?

  • Create Geofence Around Specific Locations & Warehouse
  • Get Notified When The Vehicle Enters & Exits The Geofence
  • Bill Your Clients For The Additional Time Spent In The Warehouse
  • Optimize The Truck Loading & Unloading Times
  • Increase Your Profit Margins
  • A lot of trucking companies experience waiting times. Now optimize the logistics processes with geofencing and increase your operating efficiency with Waiting Time Invoicing Logistics Management Software.

    waiting time invoicing logistics optimization software
    Manage Reefer Trucks With Ease & Avoid Heavy Claims
    reefer truck logistics software

    Reefer Truck Solution - Logistics Software To Manage Refrigerated Trucks

    Currently there are more than 500,000 reefer trucks in the United States. Reefer Trucks or Refrigerated Trucks carry & transport items that need to be moved at a specific temperature. The biggest headache of reefer operators is the heavy claims they have to handle in case of the product getting damaged. With our reefer truck logistics software you will get regular temperature and location updates of your reefer trucks.

  • Get Regular Location Updates
  • Set customizable triggers & alerts if the temperature deviates
  • Get regular temperature updates
  • Take corrective measures before its too late
  • Avoid heavy claims and ensure product quality
  • Now optimize your logistics and trucking business with reefer logistics management solution. Feel free to call us or fill the form below to book a free consultation with our logistics experts..

    Easy Insurance Claims Management For Your Fleet With Lasting's Logistics Optimization Software

    Insurance Claims Management Software- Logistics Management Solutions For Trucking Industry

    With Lasting’s insurance claims management software for trucking companies, easily track and record accidents. Filing insurance claims is always a hectic task in the logistics and supply chain community. The insurance software makes it easy for business managers to file insurance claims with proper records and documentation to minimize the risk of the insurance claim getting rejected.

  • Manage incident info like the extent of damage, damaged parts, injuries, etc.
  • Store driver information like name, experience, training certificate, etc.
  • Store vehicle information such as vehicle type, vehicle no., etc.
  • Easily manage information & track violation or incident data
  • File claims with ease & reduce the risk of insurance claims getting rejected
  • Now optimize your logistics and trucking business with Insurance claims management software. Feel free to call us or fill out the form below to book a free consultation with our logistics experts.

    insurance claims management
    Revolutionizing Logistics & Trucking Industry With Lasting Software

    Lets Grow Your Business Together

    Increase Profit Margins

    The logistics software are designed to increase your operating efficiency which will further increase your profit margins.

    Automate Manual Processes

    Reduce the risk of damage and losses by automating processes. Prevent mishaps from happening and reduce resource requirements with Trucking Logistics Software

    Cut Down On Operating Expenses

    With optimized logistics processes and increased operating efficiency you can easily achieve logistics cost optimization.

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