Boost Your business productivity with Lasting jewellery software

The main challenge faced by the jewellery industry is the rate based price values that vary daily. It creates errors in the sales order and the time of delivery. It is also crucial for them to purchase a huge amount of inventory at the right time so they can reap long term benefits.
Lasting Jewellery software is an intuitive platform making it an excellent pick for the jewellery industry including retailers, manufacturers and wholesalers. It offers customised solutions to cater to your needs.

Trusted by 50,000+ businesses

Experience the Power of LastingERP software

The excellent Jewellery software program opted with the aid of hundreds of Pharmaceutical groups across the globe.

Engaging User Interface

Intuitive User Interface to make it easy to use even for the non technical persons

Barcode Scanner

Effective Integration of the ERP with the Barcode Scanner also helps to control many other processes in the software.

Reporting and Analytics

Get real time insights into your business. Enhance productivity and efficiency.

Modules of Lasting's Jewellery ERP

Enhance Security

Universal and Custom barcode

  • Universal barcode is compatible everywhere.
  • The custom barcode can also be made consisting of alphanumeric codes and scanning.
  • Our barcode also has UPC and EAN.

Customer Order Management

Enrich customer experience

  • Orders with or without advance
  • Order Registration status whether it is pending, ready for delivery or new
  • Unique Order No.  for each customer.
  • Book Advance/ Future Rate and adjust in Sale Bill


Use LastingERP’s  Jewellery  ERP to automate and grow your business

Keep the money coming in with LastingERP. Send estimates, convert to GST invoices, and get paid online, on time.
  1. Create retail invoices in seconds
  2. Chase payments easily with payment reminders
  3. Give your customers online payment options and get paid faster
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