Take control of fuel card costs

Our business armada the board programming highlights consistent combination with fuel cards, incredible detailing apparatuses and close to continuous fuel information. Screen fuel card spend to keep your armada procedure on financial plan and help mentor better driving practices.

Dive deeper into fuel card reporting data

View fuel transaction history by vehicle within your fleet fuel management system. Use this report to monitor your fuel expenses budget and compare both fuel purchases and mpg between vehicles.

Pinpoint fuel theft and card abuse

Help detect fraud on fuel cards for truckers. View incidents where the fleet gas card purchase exceeded the vehicle’s tank capacity or use near real-time data to identify when a vehicle was not at the pump when the fuel was purchased.

Reduce fuel usage and costs with telematics

See the carbon footprint and CO2 emissions of each vehicle with fleet fuel management software. Help decrease your environmental impact and help increase cost savings. Fuel management systems with GPS tracking can make filing fuel taxes like IFTA easier.

Improve fleet fuel economy with improved driver behaviors

See the fuel efficiency by vehicle to uncover where driver performance is lacking. Use this fleet fuel management report to identify overlooked vehicle maintenance or unwanted driver behaviors, like excessive speeding or idling.

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