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Transport is a fuel-reliant operation, and hence, consumption cannot be considerably reduced. However, better insights, monitoring, and management are made possible by fleet fuel management for trucks and fleet fuel management for cars. Companies can prevent fuel wastages by better managing issues like,

  • engine idling
  • fuel theft
  • over-speeding
  • fuel cost
  • poor fuel reporting
  • poor routing and navigation
  • Improper vehicle maintenance, among others.

Fleet fuel management systems using technology and data helps companies manage such issues better and execute effective fuel management strategies. 

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better fuel usage insights

Fleet managers can generate rich analytical reports on fuel transactions by fuel type, distance covered, efficiency, amount, and cost.

Reduce the risk of fuel theft & pilferage

Analyze fuel usage data minute-by-minute for all fuel usage points for each vehicle in the fleet. Such data will enable them to assess the amount of fuel stolen with the exact location, time.

track and manage fuel transactions

Drivers can easily log in all their fuel purchases and upload transactions to save the hassle of maintaining paper receipts that are perishable in nature.

Modules at a glance

Early Fuel Wastage

Detect early fuel wastage  

  • The combination of a Fuel management system and fleet tracking can better predict fuel wastage to improve fuel efficiency.
  • Best fuel management systems equip their offering with advanced sensors and intelligent analytics to offer the vehicle’s most accurate mileage and fuel consumption.
  • It detects fuel wastage based on parameters such as engine idling, hard acceleration, and deacceleration, which, when detected and prevented, can save substantial fuel costs.

Real time Information

Get real-time alarms and notifications

  • The best fuel management system utilizes technology to offer real-time alarms and notifications if there is any deviation from normal fuel usage.
  • For example, a sudden drop in fuel capacity or levels can be flagged, and fleet managers and drivers are notified.
  • This helps them detect fuel thefts or poor engine performance, which can further be fixed before commencing a trip and avoiding unwanted breakdowns.

Fuel Management system

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