Cloud Distribution Software for FMCG.

Lasting distribution management solutions enable companies to oversee the flow of goods from suppliers through manufacturing and into customers’ hands. Lasting procurement capabilities communicate with suppliers and ensure accuracy throughout the purchasing process. Then, our cloud-based platform ensures supply plans are executed and products are delivered as promised through:

  • Integrated demand planning
  • Inventory management
  • Accounts and Financial Management.

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Experience the Power of LastingERP software

The excellent Pharma ERP software program opted with the aid of hundreds of Pharmaceutical groups across the globe.

Manage Your Orders, In Real Time

Manage Day-To-Day business activities such as accounting, procurement and order management.

Maintain Formula Secrecy

The formula management needs security and tracking. Any changes in the formulation has to be cascaded down the entire chain.

Real Time Batch Monitoring

Our ERP can dynamically size the batches as per the specifications.Outlast the competition by making better decisions with batch monitoring.

Modules of Lasting's Pharma ERP


Benefits of Lasting's FMCG ERP

Increased Profitability: Decrease the costs associated with planning and executing supply chain processes.

Improved Cash Flow : Understand when goods and materials are needed to meet customer demand, effectively plan production and minimize inventory on hand.

Reduce Risks: Use predictive analytics to identify potential risks in tandem with scenario planning to understand how to appropriately respond.

Receiving Orders Using Handheld Devices : Receiving Orders Using Handheld Devices, utility is designed for working online  to pass information back and forth regarding sales orders.

Sales person Management: Manage all your sales representatives across the field with field management module of Lasting ERP.

Accounting & Financial Management

For any business large or small what matters at the end of the day is the bottom line. Financial indicators make up this bottom line.

 With Lasting ERP Enterprise financial module, you can easily record financial transactions and generate financial reports. The module helps you maintain all important ledger accounts and practice effective cash and asset management.


  • Simple and Configurable Accounting Module
  • Journal Entries, Cash/Bank Vouchers
  • Bills Receivables/Payables
  • Cost Centers
  • Balance Sheet, P&L, Ratio Analysis
  • e-File GST Returns
  • Generate E-Way bills



Use LastingERP’s Pharma ERP to automate and grow your business

Keep the money coming in with LastingERP. Send estimates, convert to GST invoices, and get paid online, on time.
  1. Create retail invoices in seconds
  2. Chase payments easily with payment reminders
  3. Give your customers online payment options and get paid faster
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