Sell on multiple market places with lasting

Lasting’s eCommerce ERP Software’s powerful middleware ensures smooth integration of your ecommerce platforms to your existing ERP systems. While your ERP manages data for offline businesses; Lasting ensures a smooth flow of eCommerce data. Empower your sales, marketing and eCommerce teams to rule all the top marketplaces.

Trusted by 50,000+ businesses

Why LastingERP is the preferred software of businesses

Ready Ecommerce Integrations

Pre-integrated channels for easy & swift expansion.

Centralised Inventory Management

Single source of truth for multi-location inventory

Custom Enterprise Integrations

Interconnect all your systems via Middleware & APIs

Modules at a glance

ECommerce Aggregator

Get Ecommerce Orders in your ERP in minutes.

  • Using Lasting’s eCommerce channel integration functionality, connect multiple omnichannel systems like ERP, WMS, POS, CRM.

Save Time and Money

Unlock your Store inventory with OmniChannel Retail

  • Fulfill online website & marketplace orders from your offline store network.

ECommerce aggregator ERP

Use Lasting ERP to automate and grow your business

Keep the money coming in with LastingERP. Send estimates, convert to GST invoices, and get paid online, on time.
  1. Create retail invoices in seconds
  2. Chase payments easily with payment reminders
  3. Give your customers online payment options and get paid faster
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