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Enhance Patient Care With Our Chemist ERP

The challenges faced by the pharmacies are managing the medicinal products, managing expiry dates effectively etc . The pharmacies also have to provide fast competent and professional service to their customers.

Our pharmacy management software will help you to solve complex problems easily. Also, get deep insights into your business with our platform. Increase the retention of your customers by understanding their purchase patterns. Provide deals,coupons to help you increase your returning business.

Trusted By 50,000+ Businesses
Experience The Power Of LastingERP Software

We compose the right mixture for your business

360 Degree View Of Your Business

Get an eagle view of your business easily.Be proactive in decision making with our platform

Track Stock Easily

Keep track of inventory,sales at multiple stores.Also keep track of the expiry of various medicines

Quality Service To Customers

Stay ahead of the competition by providing regular deals and quality service to your customers.

Modules Of Pharmacy Management Software

Increase margins and profitability of your business

  • Material requirement planning ERP.
  • Maintain a record of all the data for future analysis and data checks
  • Store the data in an organised manner to have an easy access all the time

Bring operational excellence with Lasting ERP’s Smart software solutions

  • Embed quality into every process of the new product development cycle with Lasting ERP’s software solutions.
  • Prevent human errors, reduce the delays and accelerate your time to market the products at the right time.
  • Assure your customers always trust in the quality of your products.

Accelerate Product Development And Reduce Wastage With Inventory Management

  • Reduce wastage by setting goals for procurement and replenishment
  • Scale up the processes by monitoring the inventory
  • Expdedite the process of product development

Capture customer demands right on time with the production management

  • Reduce manual work by automating the various processes linked to batch production
  • Reduce the risks of delays and operational costs by streamlining production
  • Improved decision making by planning material and resources based on BOM

Always Stay ahead with Lasting ERP’s NPDM

  • Smart ERP platform reduces your time spent on tedious tasks related to manual calculations.
  • Quickly introduce new products to the market .
  • Create a development budget and do the appropriate feasibility analysis with Lasting ERP’s NPDM

Prioritise Deals And Leads With Us

  • Organise your sales and increase efficiency.
  • Get insights and reports of your business .
  • Measure the performance of the company against the set goals

Promote Collaboration, Improve Decision Making And Outlast The Competition With An Effective Accounts Management

  • Maintain a record of all the data for future analysis and data checks
  • Be fully secured on how your business is performing
  • Maintain an easy cash flow of your company
Customer Management
Enrich Customer Experience
  • Provide loyalty programs to your customers
  • Understand their purchasing patterns with our platform
  • Remind the customers of their regular medicines.
  • Give loyalty benefits to them easily and retain them
Multi store management
Manage Multiple Stores Easily
  • Track inventory of all the stores
  • Get insights on which medicines are about to expire
  • Manage physical stock room, in-transit, consigned and others.
  • Use LastingERP’s Chemist ERP to automate and grow your business
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Contact Us
  • Plot No. 39, Industrial Area Phase 1
    Panchkula,Haryana 134113 India
  • +91-98888 86589
  • 2 Rohea Place Opaheke
    Papakura 2113 New Zealand
  • +64 21 216 3530
  • 11 Skylar Circle,
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  • +91-98888 86589

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