Enhance patient care with our chemist ERP

The challenges faced by the pharmacies are managing the medicinal products, managing expiry dates effectively etc . The pharmacies also have to provide fast competent and professional service to their customers.

Our pharmacy management software will help you to solve complex problems easily. Also, get deep insights into your business with our platform. Increase the retention of your customers by understanding their purchase patterns. Provide deals,coupons to help you increase your returning business.

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Experience the Power of LastingERP software

We compose the right mixture for your business

360 degree view of your business

Get an eagle view of your business easily.Be proactive in decision making with our platform

track stock easily

Keep track of inventory,sales at multiple stores.Also keep track of the expiry of various medicines

quality service to customers

Stay ahead of the competition by providing regular deals and quality service to your customers.

Modules of pharmacy management software

Customer Management

Enrich customer Experience

  • Provide loyalty programs to your customers
  • Understand their purchasing patterns with our platform
  • Remind the customers of their regular medicines.
  • Give loyalty benefits to them easily and retain them

Multi store management

manage multiple stores easily

  • Track inventory of all the stores
  • Get insights on which medicines are about to expire
  •  Manage physical stock room, in-transit, consigned and others.


Use LastingERP’s Chemist ERP to automate and grow your business

Keep the money coming in with LastingERP. Send estimates, convert to GST invoices, and get paid online, on time.
  1. Create retail invoices in seconds
  2. Chase payments easily with payment reminders
  3. Give your customers online payment options and get paid faster
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