CEO's Message

” Work Hard, Be Secure In Your Capabilities 
And Surround Yourself With People Smarter
Than You.” 

All About Him

Vision – To empower businesses globally with a growth mindset through technology and innovation while following ethical practices.

Background – An entrepreneurial mind, Computer Science
Engineer, and MBA in Marketing from Panjab University.
With a strong academic background, in the final year of his Degree, He begged the Top Offer from Campus Placement. After his studies, he joined the family business Azuka Ropes, which now exports its product to more than 30 countries.

Within 5 years of his joining the company, he tripled the revenue of the business which was earlier in the loss. He helped the company by developing new products, adding value to its existing products, and decreasing manufacturing costs. This successful experience made him think that if He can do it for his own business – he can help other businesses to grow.

The Mantra For Outperformance

Vishnu Gupta defines what outperforming organizations do to stay ahead of the curve, and how Lasting Software, being an integral part of their ecosystem, drives successful solutions and outcomes.

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