Insurance Claim Software for Logistics Company

Streamline Your
Insurance Claim
With Lasting Software.

    A challenging problem for any logistics company is when their trucks get involved in an accident or one of their transit cargo gets stolen or damaged. If not monitored properly, subsequent logistics claims and insurance management becomes complicated due to paperwork and legal hurdles and results in unexpected financial losses.

    Lasting offers extensive logistics claims and insurance software for logistics and transportation companies. Supported by advanced monitoring technologies, the module has well-defined procedures to track and record accidents.

    Reduce complexity and staff efforts in insurance processing

    Time Savings through automated insurance & claims process

    Avoids improper handling of freight claims and reduces human errors.

    Increased efficiency through accurate insurance planning and execution of tasks


    The nominee should be intimate about the claim. The details should consist of driver id, driver name, truck no. , probill no., cost of claim, policy no. etc

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