Lasting solutions for Fleet Tracking System

Leverage the power of digital
tracking with Assets Map ,
a durable that allows you to track
and manage assets in real time

    Driver Recruitment Management

    Reefer Temperature

    Assets Map

    Fourkites Integration

    Insurance Claim

    Truck Waiting Time Report


    Lasting enables companies to track their fleet in real-time, analyze the data and come up with insights to take strategic decisions.

    Track your Vehicles in real-time

    Track, Monitor, and Analyze your vehicles in real-time.

    Optimize your Routes

    Lasting’s solution makes sure that all your processes are automated.

    The world is moving digital

    All digital records of your fleet at one place.

    How does our software work?

    • Displaying integrated information of real time movement of all company assets, HOS data, road conditions collected from multiple data sources.
    • Bringing the data from your current dispatch and GPS tracking systems into a single management console.
    • Displaying and analyzing asset movement history. Detecting and indicating stops, viewing history by specific dates and by date ranges.
    • Calculating distances and managing routes directly on the map. Filtering assets by cargo status, asset type, order information. Viewing temperature and equipment status information.

    Share live ETA’s to cut inquiries, enhance your productivity, and provide the best service to your customers

    One Complete Reefer Trailer Temperature Monitoring System

    Choose between wired or wireless temperature monitoring sensors to actively track and monitor the temperature & location of your reefer trailers or any temperature controlled asset – minimizing temperature-related spoilage costs.

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